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“Who’s driving the bus?” 

This is a famous question asked by Richard Bandler, the co-founder of the Neuro Linguistic Program.  Who’s in control of your life?  

I remember reading this book, “The Adversity Advantage,” co- written by bestselling authors Dr. Paul G. Stoltz and Erik Weihenmayer.  I still recall eliciting a feeling of empowering confidence as I read through the chapters. 

Erik, the co-author of the book, is the only blind man in history who has conquered Everest and the seven Summits all around the world.  The book elaborates the journeys through Erik’s constant challenges and adversities to reach the unprecedented conquests with his endeavoring perseverance of self-control.  

Despite Erik’s disadvantage, it has become an incredible success story of mankind. 

Cause >  Effect

There are two ways we operate our lives.  

One of which is when you’re at Cause of everything in life.  This is when you are responsible for all your own actions and are in control by focusing only on the results of what you desire.  

The other is being on the side of Effect that reacts with blame, judgment, criticism, justification and many other reasons as to why you can’t have what you desire.  When you blame the recession of the economy for the lack of your own financial abundance with no intention to do anything about it, which side are you operating from?  Cause or Effect?  This doesn’t sound like you are at Cause, nor in control.  

On the other hand, despite the economic recession, when you’re determined to take control and strive towards regaining your financial abundance, which side are you on now?  That’s right.  You are at Cause now.  

Notice when you operate from Cause, you are always in control.  The formula for success is to be at Cause of everything in life, which is to be responsible and in control. 

To succeed in life, you must move from Effect to Cause with everything you do in life and operate from the psychology and physiology of excellence.  We also call that, "Empowerment."  Knowing the formula of success, which is being at Cause, should make you live a life of empowerment NOW, shouldn’t it?

When in doubt, ask yourself, “How am I being responsible for my actions?”  “Who is driving the bus?”

By Edward Kyusik Hong from New Quantum Living

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