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Christopher Park, Orthotics and Prosthetics


Hi my name is Christopher Park, and I am in the field of orthotics and prosthetics. 

I met Sunny and Good Life Advisors about four years ago. I went to one of her seminars where she introduced to us different retirement plans. She had a mind of teacher and she wanted to teach me and my wife what the plans are and how they work, and picked out the best plans for us where it fit our lifestyles and our budget.

It took me a couple of weeks to plan out the whole retirement plans, and the next thing we know was that we had everything we needed so we settled down. After four years, we are still investing in our retirement plans. Sunny also introduced us a variety of different plans including disability insurance that I recently purchased.

Before I always wanted to have an assurance in my life where in case something unfortunate happens to me, I can still support my family. The first thing I looked out was Sunny and her advice. Again she picked out the best disability insurance plan for me that fits my budget. Recently I became a father, and my wife and I have a peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, we have protections in place. We continue to seek advice from Good Life Advisors for our better financial future and Sunny is always there for us. 

Before I met her and her company, my wife and I didn't know many things like disability insurance and different kinds of life insurance plans, and now with all the plans in place, we have assurance knowing that we are protected. 

Including myself, many health care providers work their tireless hours, many hours, to provide services to patients out there. But because of that, they don't have much time to think about themselves or their family's financial future. Good Life Advisors helped our family, and I believe that they will help other health care professionals very well too. 

The first thing you want to do if you want the secure financial and retirement future, talk to Good life advisors. You want to get as much as information you can because there are many different retirement plans, insurance plans, disability plans, and they will teach you and will educate you. 

All it takes it just one step to talk to Good Life Advisors. Once you take the initial step, they will take care of the rest of the steps for you. There is no pressure of buying things here and you just need to be educated to make a better informed decision.

They are going to give you a variety of options and you have a choice to get the right plans for you and your family. You need a plan for yourself, your family, and for your future. When i think about my future, I have a plan. I have a plan where in my retirement, I will continue to invest in the plans I started in my early years and I will continue to seek out help to get better.  

When i was in twenties, my friends and I never thought about the retirement planning, but it's never early to start. you want to start as early as possible. You want to start right away. I have a couple of friends working as advisors, but, what I love about Sunny and her company Good Life Advisors is that they don't try to sell anything but teach us to have a bigger picture of our financial goal and our future, and at the end they always pick the best options for us!

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